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Pure Romance by Janis

Now and Zen *Final Sale*

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Meditative Essential Oil Blend
Find your inner zen no matter where life takes you. This peaceful essential oil blend mixes gentle lavender and marjoram with warm, lush ho wood and vanilla. Soothing botanical oils in Now & Zen help create a sense of well-being and support you during times of stress. Roll it over your temples, wrists, or neck and let the day fade away.

•Apply where desired for support during stressful moments
•Keep this convenient rollerball in your bag for refreshing aromatherapy anytime, anywhere
•Essential oil blend with lavender, marjoram, vanilla, and ho wood
•Lavender and marjoram help you relax and keep you feeling zen
•Vanilla and ylang ylang help promote feelings of comfort and balance
•Ho wood helps you get in tune with your environment with a forest-like scent
•0.33 FL.OZ./10 ml